1. The banner-script is not inserted correctly into the code on your website. Please go through the step of our guide by clicking here

  2. Language set in data-culture does not exist for a specific domain. To make sure that the issue occurs, data-culture should be removed from snippets. Thanks to that, the Cookie Information library will load the default language for a specific domain. To add a new language please contact us

  3. Templates for specific languages were not published yet. If banners do not show up even for default language there is a possibility that their files are queued to be generated. This situation should not take more than one hour. In case of a longer outage please contact us.

  4. Make sure not to use ​async​ or ​defer​ attributes when adding Cookie Information library snippet to your codebase. To ensure the correct operation of the Cookie blocking API, the Cookie Information library must be loaded as first. ​Async​ or ​defer​ attributes delay loading of the script. More details available at:

  5. Some CMS-systems have plugins that compress javascript-file on websites, this can create errors. Setup an exception for our script to not get compressed.

  6. Banners and widgets won’t show on the website if we don’t have your record in our system. Are you our customer? Please contact us for assistance.

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