You can change the design of your consent pop-up to match any of the standard templates provided by Cookie Information, or any other custom design you have created for other Consent Solutions within your same account at

If you have any issues with logging in to the platform please use the "forgot password?" functionality or contact us at

*Step 3 includes comments on the guidelines from the danish DPA (Datatilsynet)

See how to change the consent pop-up template below

1) Navigate to the specific consent solution where you wish to apply the new consent pop-up template.

2) Choose the tab "Pop-up" and click "Change template"


3) In the dropdown choose the design of your choice and click "Update". The design will then be copied into the current Consent Solution and the domain(s) connected to. This will have no effect on other Consent Solutions within your account as their designs will stay the same - nor the text for the current one. It will only update the design/code.

NOTE: Changing the template will not utilize your own styling of the template that was enabled before. If you styled your own pop-up solution you will have to style the new template again.

NOTE2: To live up to the new guidelines from the danish DPA (Datatilsynet) you will have to choose one of the following templates: Standard, Sidebar, or Overlay v2. You can preview it here.

NOTE3: For now WCAG 2.1 has only been built into the Overlay v2 template.

4) You can insert and customize the pop-up text in the menu "pop-up text". See more here.

5) To finalize, click "Save & Publish"

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