The consent pop-up and the other privacy widgets come with default consent texts in over 40 different languages (which are completely free to use).

However, sometimes it makes sense to make adjustments to the texts or maybe rewrite them completely. This might be because of requirements from local countries' data protection authorities, or maybe you just want the text to be completely specific to your website.

Under each of the three privacy widgets: consent pop-up, cookie policy, and privacy controls, you find the text that is connected with that specific widget.

When you change the text for one consent solution it will apply to all the domains connected to that consent solution. You can read more about consent solutions here.

Where to find which texts

At the bottom of this section, you will find 3 screenshots with areas marked and numbered. This is to indicate where each text type can be edited. The numbers belong to different sections of the consent solutions menus. Once you have changed the text please click on "Save and Publish" to apply the changes to your website.

*Find the newest texts in order to live up to the guidelines of the Danish DPA here

  1. Cookie Categories

  2. Pop-up

  3. Policy

  4. Privacy controls

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