How can I test my solution before going live?

I many cases it would be a good idea to test out your solution to see if everything works as it should, before moving it to production.

Setting up your test environment

In order for our solution to work, it requires a unique host-name or IP-address. It uses the host-name or IP to differentiate between each solution. Therefore LOCALHOST will not work as a source.

When adding a new Consent solution you are initially asked to type in a domain URL. This domain is by default set to PUBLIC DOMAIN, which means it is a production website and will get scanned.

Instead, you would want to switch this type to Type to Internal Test Domain.


You can add as many Internal Test Domains as you like, free of charge in that it doesn't get scanned.

This also means that even though the solution on an Internal Test Domain can show all widgets and loads all functionalities, it will not show any cookies in the lists, etc.

There can be some advantages to having your test domains in a separate Consent Solution than the one you have your production domains in.

That way when you do some changes to the solution, it will not have an effect on the live website.

This is perfect for when created a new template and making smaller changes that might break the site. You can test them out and once you are happy with the changes you have made, you can move it over to your other Consent Solutions.

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