If you have successfully implemented the Cookie Consent Pop-up and the Cookie Control SDK, the website is cookie compliant.

What often happens, is that the website owner would like to test out or implement a new Analytics tool or Marketing tool. Let's use Hotjar heat-mapping as an example.

We recommend visiting the website's Consent Solution at a frequent rate (as part of a status meeting monthly, quarterly or yearly) to estime if new cookies that need the Cookie Control SDK have been added.

When Hotjar is added to the website, our scanner will find the cookie(s) next time we scan the website. You can find when the website was last scanned in the Compliance Dashboard in the Cookie Consent Platform or in the Pop-up:


Based on which scan frequency is configured for the Consent Solution, Hotjar will be shown as a Statistical Cookie after next scan (default categorisation).


Now you need to help the end client revisit How to implement the Cookie Control SDK (holding back cookies prior to consent).

As mentioned above you should visit your end clients consent solution regularly to make sure new scripts are also cooke compliant.

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