There are different ways of implementing the Consent Solution on a website. Below is listed different ways of implementing.

Consent Pop-up

We recommend that you implement the Cookie Consent Pop-up script directly in the <head> section of the website. Read an article of how to insert the Cookie Consent Pop-up here: Insert the Consent Pop-up in the source code


Cookie Policy and Scan result

The Cookie Policy is in most Pop-up Templates inserted directly into the pop-up. You can also insert the Cookie Policy and the declaration of cookies into a Cookie Policy URL. This is most easily done directly in <body>.

Read an article of how to implement the Cookie Policy and Scan Result here: Insert the Cookie Policy and Scan Result in the source code

Privacy Toggles

The Privacy Toggles are also in most Pop-up Templates directly inserted into the pop-up. But some website owners would like to have these as a part of their Cookie Policy as well.

This is done by inserting an HTML div into the <body> next to the Cookie Policy.

Please read this article to learn how to insert the Privacy Toggles: How to insert Privacy Controls


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