In this article we will look at the basics of how to change the Cookie Pop-up, how to edit the Cookie Policy, and how to Add new Languages.

You can configure most of the Consent Solution in the Platform; rearrange and re-categorise Cookies, edit the Cookie Pop-up (READ an article about this here), edit the Cookie Policy, Edit the Privacy controls, and configuring the Languages and Settings.


Changing the Pop-up Template

First and foremost, the essential of our Platform is editing the type of Consent Pop-up that will be live on the website.

All Standard Pop-ups can be found here:

Some pop-ups are more suitable for countries in Europe, some are more suitable for websites that are a part of the IAB Network, some are meant for CCPA.

To edit the template of the consent solution go to POP-UP and click Change Template.


Here you can choose our Standard Templates AND, if you have created your own pop-up for another consent solution on the same account, you can use this as well.


Once you click UPDATE and SAVE & PUBLISH you have successfully changed the template of the Consent Solution's Pop-up.

NB; It might take 10 minutes before the changes are visible on the live website.

When creating a Consent Solution, a Cookie Policy is generated. This Policy is generated for each configured language for the Consent Solution.

The Cookie Policy is suitable for most websites and most customers. If the customer has an internal legal team that would like to change the Cookie Policy it should be done in the Platform.

The Cookie Policy is edited for each Consent Solution and for each Language individually, by going to POLICY.


We recommend using our Standard Policy or consulting with a Legal expert before changing the Cookie Policy.

Adding new Languages

If you need to add more languages to the Consent Solution, go to LANGUAGES & SETTINGS.


The Consent Solution is available in 40 languages.

Once new languages are added, the Consent Solutions is now available to be configured with the added languages.

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