In this article we will go through how to customise the Consent Solution Pop-up of the website. This is the pop-up that users of the website will be met with when they visit the website the first time.

You start by choosing a template from which you will change the text or edit the source code for the pop-up.

See this article of how to change the template: How to configure a Consent Solution

Go to the Consent Solution you want to edit and choose POP-UP.


First you choose which language you want to edit in the left hand side. Then you can edit the different parts of the pop-up text.


If you scroll down you can edit the HTML, CSS and Javascript.

We recommend that you do not change too much in the Javascript, other than inserting a logo. Read this article to learn how to insert a logo in the Pop-up - depending on which Pop-up Template you use: How to insert your own logo in Overlay pop-up


We recommend that you copy the HTML, CSS and Javascript into another edit and then copy the changes back into the platform.

Once you have made your changes press SAVE & PUBLISH in the top of the page.

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