What happens if I don't make any changes to my current website?

What happens (or doesn't happen) to your website if you don't make any changes depends on whether you have previously set up Google Consent Mode before before it became the default on the 24th of February 2021.

The two biggest issues that arise from not adjusting your implementation are:

  • No analytics data is collected when the user declines cookies and Google Consent Mode is not able to take over and do its' job

  • If you have previously set up Google Consent Mode and have not removed the SDK script (below), Google Consent Mode will fire twice meaning double data in Google Analytics

I set up Google Consent Mode before you made it the default - what happens now?

If you set up Google Consent Mode prior to us turning it on by default, then there's a couple of things you'll need to do to make sure that it functions properly.

In order for Consent Mode to not fire twice and give double data in Google Analytics, you will need to to remove the following block of code from your set up:

<!-- SDK for inline script that triggers Consent Mode on user consent -->
window.addEventListener('CookieInformationConsentGiven', function (event) {
if (CookieInformation.getConsentGivenFor('cookie_cat_statistic')) {
gtag('consent', 'update', {'analytics_storage': 'granted'});
console.log('GTAG Consent');
if (CookieInformation.getConsentGivenFor('cookie_cat_marketing')){
gtag('consent', 'update', {'ad_storage': 'granted'});
}, false);

You will also need to go into your Google Tag Manager container and remove any cookie_cat_xxx references from Google Analytics or Google Ads tags, as Google Consent Mode will now take care of this function.

If these tags are not adjusted, Google Consent Mode will not be able to function and you will get no aggregated data about Analytics when a user declines cookies (so it's just like Consent Mode not being set up at all).

To learn more about this, please refer to our article here:

Preparing for Google Consent Mode BEFORE the 24th of February if you have already implemented it

I have not set up Google Consent Mode - what happens now?

If you have not done any implementation of Google Consent Mode, then there's no need to panic. If you do nothing at all, then things will still continue to function as they do now.

Although Google Consent Mode is now active, it isn't fully configured straight away- meaning it will have no impact.

However, if you'd like to get Consent Mode set up, please refer to our article here:

Preparing for Google Consent Mode AFTER the 24th of February

I don't want to use Google Consent Mode - how do I turn it off?

If you'd like to turn off Google Consent Mode altogether because you never plan to use it, then you can add the following to the uc.js (pop-up) script:


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