What is Google Ads and how do I know if I'm using it?

Google Ads is an advertising solution that allows you to promote your products and services across Google's own services. These adverts can also be linked to targets you would like to meet such as raising the number of phone calls or website visits to increase your business.

If I'd like to use Google Ads, how do I get started?

If you're interested in using Google Ads for your business, you can find out more about how it works and how to get started with it here.

What is Conversion Modelling and what does it mean?

Conversion Modelling is a way for Google to fill in the gaps (so to speak) when a user has not consented to cookies that are needed for things like Google Ads and Google Analytics to function and show you data.

Using machine learning, analysing trends, data from users who did consent to cookies needed for Google Ads to function normally (such as their user journey through the site), Google is able to make accurate predictions and strengthen the link between interactions with Ads and the conversions it results in.

This results in an overall fuller picture and a true reflection of how your Ad campaign performed.

Where will I see this modelled data?

You can see this modelled data reported in the place you would normally look at your conversions, under the Conversions tab of your Google Campaign reports.

How does this affect me using Consent Mode with Cookie Information?

There's nothing new to set up or change regarding your Cookie Information account or your website, as this only adds more data and functionality to Google Ads.

Of course, if you would like to set up Google Consent Mode (if you haven't already) in order to take advantage of this Conversion Modelled data, then you can read more about how to do so in our article Implementing Google Consent Mode now that it is the default.

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