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This article will walk you through how to see if cookie autoblocking has taken effect after enabling it.

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Cookie autoblocking automatically blocks First-Party cookies (or cookies that have been classified as First-Party) by default before the user has given consent.

To read more about how it works, please see our article Cookie Autoblocking, and for any questions the Cookie Autoblocking FAQ.

If you have not already enabled it, you can do so via the Cookie Information Platform by going to the consent solution you would like to enable it for, and then to the Settings tab where you will see an option to turn it on:

Once enabled, you can check it is working by doing the following (written instructions below the video):

  • Visit your website in private browsing (Incognito) mode

  • With the consent pop-up still visible, right-click and choose "Inspect".

  • A new window will open with tabs across the top for Elements, Console, Network, Application, and so on.

  • Click on the tab called Application, expand the menu that says "Cookies", and click on your website in the list.

  • The only cookies that should be present are the cookies that are classified as necessary.

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