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All you need to know about consent solutions. What they are, and how they work

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What is a consent solution?

A consent solution is a container that stores the following:

  1. Domains: public domains (can be one public domain or multiple), public test and internal test domains.

  2. Templates: predefined pop-up designs, cookie policy designs, and privacy controls templates

  3. Cookies: the list of all cookies, both found on public domains within this consent solution by the scanner and manually added

  4. Languages.

The above means that all domains in one consent solution can only have one logo, one design, one list of cookies and one text. The domains can, however, have different languages. You can read about this here.

Changes to a consent solution only affect that same consent solution. The changes are not applied to other consent solutions within the same account.

The consent pop-up displays all the public domains and public test domains within the same consent solution. It is under the privacy policy section labelled "your consent applies to the following domains". It is not possible to change this. This feature is active with or without Shared Consent turned on.

How does it work in practice?

For example, you have an account with Cookie Information, and you need to add three public domains to it:




Since and are the same websites but in different languages, it would make sense for them to be in one consent solution sharing. We'll call it CS1.

However, is an entirely different website with a unique design and set of cookies. That means it should be in a separate consent solution. We'll call it CS2.

Now, let's say both and have an unclassified shopping cart cookie called shopping-cart. To get the cookie classified on both domains, you must add the cookie definition only once - to the CS1 consent solution.

Note: if has an unclassified cookie, and does not, the cookie is still visible on both domains since all domains share the list of cookies in one consent solution.

After some time, you add a shopping cart functionality to as well. The scanner goes through and finds a new shopping cart cookie. It is shown as unclassified since is a part of the different consent solution. You will need to add the cookie definition again, now to CS2.

Creating a new consent solution

  1. On the main page click on "Create Consent Solution".

  2. Specify the domain you want to add, its scanning depth and scanning frequency. Read more here.

Removing consent solution

You can remove the consent solution by opening it --> Settings --> Delete Consent solution.

Remember, that you are only able to remove the consent solution if all the domains have been removed.

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