Templates overview

When selecting the design for your consent pop-up, you can choose one of 7 standard pop-up templates:

  • Standard

  • Simple

  • Banner

  • Overlay v2

  • Overlay v3

  • Sidebar

  • Overlay

You can preview all the designs mentioned above in the Design Center.

Differences between pop-up templates

WCAG 2.1








Overlay v2

Overlay v3



* These pop-ups have a placeholder where you can insert your own logo;

** These pop-ups have a compliant Decline All button;

*** These pop-ups have toggles to consent to individual cookie categories on the main view

Change between the consent pop-up templates

The default cookie template for all newly created consent solutions is the "Standard" template.

To change the template, navigate to your consent solution for which you want to apply the new consent pop-up template. Choose the tab "pop-up" and click "change template."

In the dropdown, choose the design of your choice and click "Update".

You can also change the standard pop-up text by editing it in the "Pop-up text".

To finalize, click "Save & Publish".

The design applies to the current Consent Solution and the domains connected to it. This change will not affect other Consent Solutions within your account as their designs will stay the same - nor the text for the current one. It will only update the design/code.

Note: Changing the template will not include any custom styling of the template you have made. If you styled your pop-up, you would have to style the new template again.

Note 2: To live up to the new guidelines from the danish DPA (Datatilsynet), you will have to choose one of the following templates: Standard, Sidebar, Overlay v2 or Overlay v3.

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