Joomla plugin

For easy integration, download our Joomla plugin here

By using our Joomla plugin you also get an easier way to implement the other privacy widgets. Plus auto-blocking youtube videos and external js scripts.

Pop-up implementing

  • Login to your Joomla administration panel and navigate to the template section in the top menu.

  • Go to Extension - Templates - Templates

  • Choose the active template where you want to insert the consent pop-up.

  • Choose the index.php file from the side-navigation and insert the script just below the meta-tags and before the closing </head> tag as shown below.

<script id="CookieConsent" src="" data-culture="EN" type="text/javascript"></script>

Remember to set the data-culture to the language of the consent solution

  • Save the change by pressing “Save & Close” at the top of the page.

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