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In this article, you will find all the necessary information about the payments and billing options.

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The following information applies to all our clients using card payment.

If you have a special agreement, please, contact us at

For questions about the subscription, visit our other article here.

I need to change my payment card or my billing details.

Changing the billing details or the card you use to pay for your subscription is currently a task for Cookie Information. Contact us using the chat here or at

Where can I see and download my latest invoice/receipt?

If the subscription is paid automatically via card, all invoices should be visible directly on the platform.

To access them, go to the platform. Once there, locate the "Mobile Consent Solutions" tab, which is on the navigation bar at the top. This will lead you back to our previous platform.

In the previous platform interface, in the top right-hand corner, click on your email and choose "Account" - Here you can view all your previous invoices.

If you are paying via bank transfer, all invoices should be sent to the email address given as the billing contact. Please contact for more information.

The invoice amount has changed since the last time.

You might have added or removed some domains from your account. You could also have changed the domain scanning depth or frequency. You can see the specific pricing on our pricing page.

My payment has failed.

The most common reasons are that your previous card has expired or your card provider has asked for a not provided verification.

To resolve the issue, contact us using a chatbot here or at

I am getting a {"response":{}} error when trying to pay for my subscription.

This error message is related to caching issues.

To fix the issue, please, clear your browser cache and restart the browser.

What currencies can I use?

Currently, for card payments, the only payment currency is EUR.

The platform is saying that my subscription is expiring.

If you have signed up for a free 30-day free trial and would like to keep using our services, you need to create a subscription.

See how to create a subscription here.

What are the payment options?

For the sake of convenience, your subscription is paid by credit card. This is the default payment method and if you would like to pay by invoice instead, please contact our Support team at

For card payments, currently, these are available payment options: Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Why is there a VAT applied to my bill?

As we are a Danish company, we are obliged to collect the VAT.

How to change the company name or CVR number?

If you would like to change the name of the company or the CVR number, please follow the instructions below.

If the subscription is paid automatically via card, we will first have to cancel your subscription so that you can create a new one using the correct billing details. Please contact us directly to start this process:

If you are paying via bank transfer, please indicate which one of the information below needs to be changed to

● Company name

● Company address

● CVR/VAT number

● Invoice email

● Invoice contact name

● PO/EAN or other

Your next invoice will then show the new billing details.

How to identify domains on my invoice?

Invoices show the different items in a subscription, and each domain is called “Consent Solution from Cookie Information.”

The pricing is based on the number of public domains added to the platform and their scanning depth and frequency. The number on the left (15000 - 5000 - 500) indicates the number of URLs scanned, and the number on the left (1 - 7 - 30) indicates the number of days between the end of a scan and the following scan.


daily scans


weekly scans


monthly scans

For example, an invoice containing the item “2 x Consent Solution from Cookie Information 5000x7” means that the subscription is for two public domains, each being scanned weekly for 5000 URLs. Once you have determined the scanning frequency and scanning depth of the domains invoiced, you can identify each domain from the list in the platform.

To modify your subscription, see our article about Managing existing domains.

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