How to create a subscription

This article will explain how to create a subscription and add your payment details.

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Creating a subscription

There are two simple steps you need to go through to create a subscription.

To start, click on the message saying "Subscribe now" or your email address in the top right corner of the screen --> Subscription.

At first, you will need to select the correct subscription. The following picture shows you the essential elements:

  1. Domains

    1. The domains are the overview of all public domains added to your account. The amount to be paid depends on the scanning frequency and the scanning depth you have chosen when adding domains to the Platform. Navigate to the consent solution and a specific domain and use the "edit" button to change these settings.

  2. Choose between the advanced or the basic plan

    1. The advanced plan offers the executive summary of privacy and compliance risk. It helps you access the in-depth privacy risks and GDPR Violations. See all the benefits of the advanced plan here.

  3. Monthly or yearly payment

    1. You can choose to proceed with either the monthly or yearly payments.

  4. Continue to billing

    1. Once you have chosen your preferred settings, you can proceed further by clicking the "Continue to billing "button.

As a second step, you will need to add your payment and billing details.

  1. Payment details

    1. Here, you will need to add the payment details from the credit card you would like to use for your future payments.

  2. Voucher

    1. This field is not mandatory; if you do not have a voucher, skip this field.

    2. If you have issues using the voucher code, please, remember that the voucher is case sensitive.

    3. If the issue remains, contact us using the chat or at

  3. Continue to payment

    1. Once you have filled in all necessary information, you can proceed further by clicking the "Continue to payment "button.

If you need some help creating the subscription, use the chat or write to our support team at


I cannot create a subscription. The "get started "button is greyed out, and it does not allow me to proceed further.

The issue mentioned above is usually caused by two scenarios;

  • you have not added any public domains to your consent solution yet,

  • or you have not filled in all the billing details.

You will need to add at least one public domain to your account to start a subscription. See how to do that here.

I am getting a {"response" :{}} error when trying to pay for my subscription.

This error message is related to caching issues.

To fix the issue, please, clear your browser cache and restart the browser.

The voucher code is not working.

If you have a voucher code that you would like to use, please, remember that it is case sensitive. If you still have issues using your voucher code, please, use the chat or write to our support team at

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