Managing Teammates

See how to add new teammates to your account and remove them

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Adding the Teammate

If you would like to give another teammate access follow these steps:

  1. Login to our Cookie Information Platform here.

  2. Click on your user profile in the top right corner --> Teammates.

  3. Click on the "+ Add teammate".

  4. Insert the email address of the teammate and click on "Add".

  5. A new teammate will now receive a verification email asking them to create a new password and log in.

    • If the teammate with the specific email address already has access to this or another account you will see the following message.

    • One email address can only be connected to one account and you can thus either use another email address for this teammate or you can contact support using the chatbot in the top right corner for other options.

Removing the Teammate

You can remove a Teammate by using the "Trash bin" button.

If the Teammate has not logged in yet, you might see the error message saying "You are not allowed to delete this user".

You can use the chatbot in the bottom right corner of this screen to connect with the team or write to to get help with removing this teammate.

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