Pricing adjustment September 2022

Cookie Information's pricing is changing — here's how and why

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General Information

The Cookie Information CMP is used by a wide variety of customer profiles, from the top enterprises with several million monthly visitors to independent developers. Some customers build their digital strategy around hundreds of websites worldwide, and others drive their success from a single website.

Because of that, Cookie Information is introducing two plans for clients to choose from.

Pay As You Go

With this plan, your billing is based on the following factors:

  • The number of domains you add to the platform;

  • How often the cookie policy is updated

  • How many subpages are scanned

  • Level of compliance analytics and support you would like to get.

With the Pay As You Go plan, you can choose between compliance and analytics features without paying for features you don't use.

Starting end of September 2022, we will add a Fair Usage element to this plan based on the total number of user consents collected across your account. This metric is called monthly users. You will experience that the pricing per feature will increase between 0-20% as compared to previous years.

Customize Your Plan

There are different ways to build and structure a website nowadays, which is why fixed pricing schemes and feature bundles do not work the same for everyone. Staying GDPR compliant at all times is hard work. This is why we have created the Customize Your Plan that allows for pricing customisation to fit your unique needs as the website owner.

With this plan, the number of consents and websites in your portfolio does not influence your subscription pricing and gives you the comfort of a fixed price that allows flexibility and easy accounting.

Examples of Customized Plans include Site Licenses and Kommune Pakker. Existing fixed-price agreements, such as these examples, are automatically moved to the Customize Your Plan with a price increase of 10%.

Click here to explore both Pay As You Go and Customized plans.


What does this mean for me and my subscription?

For customers who do not currently have a fixed-price agreement, you will be automatically onboarded to a Pay As You Go Plan. This change will not affect your installation or service levels.

As a customer with a pre-existing Site License or Kommune Pakke, you will be automatically onboarded with a Customized Plan. This change will not affect your installation or service levels.

If you currently have a customer account of 15+ websites and are interested in customizing your plan with a Site License or Kommune Pakke, you can reach out to us at

When will the price change take effect?

The change in pricing takes effect for all new subscriptions created after September 30th, 2022, and existing subscriptions with the billing period renewed after September 30th, 2022.

All orders received before September 30th, 2022, are automatically transitioned to the new pricing after the billing period renewal. Any updates to existing domains after September 30th, 2022, will initiate a renewal.

Why is Fair Usage being introduced as a variable in the pricing plan?

Using the number of monthly users as a price variable helps us deliver a service matching the individual client's use.

How do I know how many monthly users I have?

The number of monthly users on a website will roughly correspond to the monthly unique visitors to your website from your analytics tool.

The total number of monthly users is the sum of monthly users from all domains within your account. So, let's assume you are the owner of domain A and domain B. Domain A gets 10.000 monthly users on a monthly basis, and domain B gets 2.000 monthly users on a monthly basis, which means your total monthly users count is 10.000+2.000 = 12.000.

The exact number will be recalculated quarterly and can be found by logging into your account and accessing the reporting tool. You can read more about the reporting tool here.

Should I change something in my configuration?

Yes. If you are still on the monthly scanning frequency, we recommend upgrading to the weekly scanning frequency.

Over the past years, Data Protection Agencies have made it clear that more frequent updates of the consent pop-up and cookie policies are required both during and after audits. That is why our recommendation is to set your scanning frequency to weekly scans to make sure to comply with this requirement.

What does this mean for me as a partner?

If you manage and invoice your End-clients for their Consent Solutions, you need to be aware of a Price Adjustment - see new prices under the Pay as You Go Plan section.

If your End-clients have an account with us and are invoiced directly, they will receive information relevant to their plan.

Where can I ask questions if I have any?

If you have any questions about the new pricing, please reach out to our customer success team using the chat icon (you can find it in the lower left corner) or email You can also book a short meeting with your dedicated account manager if you have one.

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