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Manange Data Dicovery locally
How to install Data Discovery service locally
How to install Data Discovery service locally

Everything you need to know about managing a local installation of the Data Discovery service

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How to install Data Discovery service

1. Ensure that your firewall allow outbound connections on the following addresses:

  • Data delivery (Necessary): IP: on port 443

  • Logging (Recommended): IP: on port 3100

2. Log on to the server were you want to install the Data Discovery service.

Server requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows Server 2019 or newer

  • CPU: Dual core or more

  • RAM: 16GB or more

  • Additional software: Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable

3. Download and install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable

4. Download and run Data Discovery Installer

5. Select Everyone(5a) when asked. Then click Next(5b) and continue the installation.

6. Open Data Discovery Installer. You will find an icon on the desktop.

7. Provide the credentials of your admin account for Data Discovery by Cookie Information(7a) and credentials your Windows Service Account(7b). Then click Configure(7c).
โ€‹OBS: Provide user name for Windows Service Account as DOMAIN\Username

Contact our support if you do not know the credentials.

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