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Connect to Microsoft 365 with Quick connect
Connect to Microsoft 365 with Quick connect

The following article will explain how to connect Data Disicovery with your Microsoft 365 environment using Quick connect

Written by Aleksander John Rosenkilde
Updated over a week ago

Supported Microsoft 365 service: Exchange Online, SharePoint and OneDrive

2. Then go to the Integration page

3. Click Connect on the Microsoft 365 service that you wish to connect to.

4. Click on Quick connect (4a) for the quickest integration. If you wish to connect using your own Azure app then see this guide. Then click on Click here to give admin consent(4b)

5. Login with your Azure Global Admin account

6. Click Accept. Data Discovery by Cookie Information does only require read access to your data sources.
OBS: Phinder is the previous name of the Data Discovery by Cookie Information

7. Close the tab and return to Data Discovery by Cookie Information.

8. Click Save
OBS: If Admin consent was not granted then start over. Currently we experience that it sometimes need two tries. If you have any issues then do not hesitate to contact us.

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