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Google Consent Mode v2
Consent Mode v2 implementation - WordPress plugin
Consent Mode v2 implementation - WordPress plugin

This article will walk you through implementing Consent Mode v2 with Cookie Information using the WordPress plugin.

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If you do not have our consent pop-up implemented yet and are using the WordPress plugin, we recommend following our full guide on WordPress implementation here.

If you are not using the WordPress plugin or would like to know more about Consent Mode v2 in general see here.

This guide shows you how to implement Google CMv2 through our WP Plugin.
There are two different modes available for CMv2: Basic and Advanced. Read more about the differences here.

Please be aware that our WP Plugin implementation will implement the Advanced Mode of CMv2.

If you would like to only implement the basic mode, please see our CMv2 Implementation guide.

If you are already using our WordPress plugin, there are two things you would need to do to enable CMv2 when using WordPress Plugin:

Activating Consent Mode v2

  1. In the Settings, locate the option 'Enable Google Consent Mode v2' and check the box to enable it. Below this option, you will find a field for 'GCM Code Snippet'. By default, there may be a pre-filled code in this field. Feel free to review or edit the 'GCM Code Snippet' per your requirements.

  2. Once the CMv2 is enabled in the WordPress plugin, you will either need to change to the right template or add the Google Privacy Policy link. You can choose one of these two options. If you do not have much customization done to your template, we recommend changing the template. See both options below:

Changing the template

The new templates are very similar to our Overlay v2/Overlay v3 templates and have Google's privacy policy in the main text.

To do so, you should navigate to your chosen consent solution -> "Pop Up Appearance" tab found on the left-hand side and then click on the dropdown menu under "Change Template".

You can choose between "Overlay v2 - Google Consent Mode v2" and "Overlay v3 - Google Consent Mode v2".

The default version of Overlay v2 looks like this without any customisation or styling:

The default version of Overlay v3 looks like this without any customisation or styling:

View our template showcase to see all of our template designs.

Important! Please be aware that changing your template will reset any customisations you have made beforehand, including any text or styling changes. Please take a look at our style guide to find out how to customise your template.

Adding the Google Privacy policy link

If your pop-up banner is heavily customized, alternatively, you can add the following HTML link to the main text in the HTML section under the advanced settings.​

<a class="coi-banner__google-privacy-policy" aria-label="{{{translations.google_privacy_policy_link}}}" href="" target="_blank">{{{translations.google_privacy_policy_link}}}</a>

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