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How to change from Consent mode v2 implementation to default implementation
How to change from Consent mode v2 implementation to default implementation

A simple step-by-step guide showing how to switch your template and uc.js script to our general implementation without the Consent mode v2.

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All consent solutions created on or after February 12, 2024 include the the default template and a specific implementation script that help you utilize the Consent Mode v2.

If you wish to revert to the previous setup, which doesn't utilize Consent Mode v2, you'll need to follow two simple steps:

  1. Change your template: The first step involves updating your website's template to one that does not utilize the Consent mode v2.

    To live up to the new guidelines from the danish DPA (Datatilsynet), we would recommend choosing Overlay v2 or Overlay v3 templates.

    To change the template, navigate to your consent solution for which you want to apply the new consent pop-up template. Choose the tab "pop-up" and click "change template."

    In the dropdown, choose the design of your choice and click "Save and Publish".

    To finalize, click "Save & Publish".

    The design applies to the current Consent Solution and the domains connected to it. This change will not affect other Consent Solutions within your account as their designs will stay the same - nor the text for the current one. It will only update the design/code.

    Note: Changing the template will not include any custom styling of the template you have made. If you styled your pop-up, you would have to style the new template again.

  2. Remove specific attribute from the uc.js script: The second step is to remove a specific attribute from the uc.js script.

    The installation page provided you with the script that enabled the Consent Mode v2. If you have implemented this script, we would recommend you to remove the part of the script that includes the following attribute:



    Your script should look as below:

    <script id="CookieConsent" src=""
    data-culture="EN" type="text/javascript"></script>

The 'data-culture= "EN"' attribute controls the language that the pop-up will appear in on the site: in this case, it will be displayed in the English language. To change the language, set the data-culture attribute to a different language code using the codes found here.
Please also make sure that the selected languages are enabled in the "Settings" tab under the specific consent solution in the platform as well.

By following these two steps, you can effectively switch from Consent Mode v2 implementation to the default settings prior to the February 12, 2024 update. This will enable your website to operate without utilizing Consent Mode v2,.


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