Cookie Information re-open icon

If you do not want to use the Cookie Information functionality (icon above) for re-opening the consent pop-up on all pages of your website, then you can apply the re-open function to any other function, button, or link with the script below.

  1. Remember to remove the icon (see how to further below).

  2. The re-open functionality should be accessible on all pages of your website.

The reopen script

javascript:CookieConsent.renew();Example:<button onClick="javascript:CookieConsent.renew();">Renew Consent</button>

Removing the reopen icon

Keep in mind that if you remove this icon, then you need to provide this feature in another way that is of equal ease to the user (see above). You could also choose to change the icon to better suit your style (see how further below).

  • Navigate to

  • Go to the "Pop-up" tab in your consent solution

  • Then fold out the code fields under "Advanced settings"

  • Then scroll down to the last parts of the JavaScript code in the "Javascript functions" field

  • Navigate to the line of code illustrated below. = 'block';
  • Then change it from 'block' to 'none'

  • Then press "Save & Publish".

*If you for some reason decide to enable the icon again, then you can just change this line back to 'block'.

Changing the reopen icon

  • Navigate to - Consent Solutions - pick the consent solution you want to change it in - Pop-up - Advanced Settings

  • In the HTML definition of the consent pop-up box, press the small arrow next to <svg version=..
    Then, delete the line containing <svg version="1.1'....

<img src="" alt="Renew cookie Pop-up button">
  • To resize the icon, look at the Cascading Style Sheet box and locate
    #Coi-Renew {
    Change the width to increase or decrease the icon size.

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