How to set up CCPA on your website

Once you have registered your account, you need to set up the solution for the domains you want to use the CCPA solution.

Creating your first consent solution

Please enter the domain name for your solution, choose type as public domain, decide how deep our scanner should crawl, and lastly, how frequent.

If you are unsure how many URLs your site consists of, you can get a good indication with a quick Google search by typing: in the search field.

If you need a more in-depth guide on the concept of a consent solution, click here.


After clicking NEXT, you need to choose what languages you need for your solution.

If your website is multi-lingual, choose the default language in the first dropdown field and all of the remaining languages in the second field.


You will now be redirected to the installation tab.

Here you are presented with the script for the consent pop-up you need to implement on your website.

To get a complete guide of implementation, click here.


Choose the correct template for the CCPA.

Go to the Pop-up tab and change the template to CCPA.


Press the button "Change Template".


In the dropdown field, choose CCPA and press "Update".

Publish the changes by pressing "Save & Publish".


The template will now upload to your domain through a CDN. It can take 10 minutes or so before you can see the changes live on your website.

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