Managing domains overview in Cookie Information Platform

The above picture shows you what a consent solution with multiple domains looks like from the domains list. This view offers three actions: Add new domain, edit, and delete. Each of these actions can affect how your subscription with Cookie Information is set up and affect your billing. We will go through each step below.

Adding a domain

Adding a domain in Cookie Information Platform

To add a new domain to the existing consent solution, click the "Add New Domain" button in the Domains tab inside that consent solution.

You can see the view you get on the screenshot above when clicking the "Add New Domain" button. In this view, you will need to fill out the following three fields marked as 1, 2 and 3 on the screenshot accordingly.

1. Domain URL: you can add root domain - without HTTP:// or www. i.e.

2. Type: you can choose between Public, Public Test and Internal Test domain types. The type you choose will determine how the system will scan it, display it on the pop-up and if consents are going to be collected.

Public Domain


Displayed on Pop-up

Consents collected

Public Test Domain

Not scanned

Displayed on Pop-up

Consents collected

Internal Test Domain

Not scanned

Not displayed on Pop-up

No consent records

3. Default Language: Suppose the pop-up script is implemented with an incorrect language code. In that case, the default language is what the system will use.

If you choose Public Domain, you must fill out two additional fields marked as 4 and 5 on the screenshot accordingly.

4. Scanning depth: you can choose between 500 URLs, 5000 URLs, or 15000 URLs. The scanning depth reflects how many pages will be scanned and should be determined by the size of your website. If you doubt how many URLs your site has, you can do a Google search for, and it should give a result.

5. Scanning frequency: you can choose between every day, every week, or every month. The scanning frequency determines how often we should scan your site for cookies.

These elements will influence the price of the domain you are adding.

Editing a domain

On the screenshot above, you can see the view you get when clicking the "Edit" button next to the domain inside the consent solution that you want to be changed.

From this view, you are only able to change the default language (3), scanning depth (4), or scanning frequency (5). Please note that changing the last two factors (4 and 5) will affect your billing.

If you want to change the domain URL (1) or type (2), you will have to remove the domain and re-add it.

Deleting a domain

Deleting a domain in Cookie Information Platform

You can delete a domain regardless of the type of domain or domain settings by clicking on the "delete" button next to the domain.

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