View of the domain overview in a consent solution in the Cookie Information platform

The above picture shows how a Consent Solution with multiple domains looks when you choose to view the domains list. This view offers three actions; Add new domain, Edit, and Delete. Each of these actions can affect the way your subscription with Cookie Information is set-up and can affect your billing. We will go through each step below.

Adding a domain

The view in the cookie information platform when adding a new domain

After clicking the "+ ADD NEW DOMAIN" button in the Domains List, you get four drop downs that you need to fill out. There are also two additional drop downs depending on the "Type * you choose.

  1. The domain URL should be without www or http. So it should be formated like this:

  2. The type you choose will depend on how you want our system to scan and collect consents.
    Public Domain
    This type is the domain that gets scanned. You should set your URL production-site as a Public Domain.
    Note: all the public domains in the same consent solution will be shown in the policy after "your consent is valid for...".
    Internal Test Domain
    This type does not get scanned and will therefore not display any cookies in any of the templates - but will otherwise function as the rest of the solution. You should use this for design and text testing purposes. The URLs for this type could be something like,, or
    Note: The URL will not be shown in the policy after "your consent is valid for...".
    Public Test Site
    This type can show all templates but is not scanned. Instead it will show scan results from a public domain (if there is one in the same consent solution).
    Note: public test sites will be shown alongside public domains in the policy after "your consent is valid for...".

  1. The default language is the language our products will revert to if you implement the data culture incorrectly, or if you choose a data culture that you have not whitelisted in the platform.

If you choose Public Domain, two additional dropdowns will appear. Scanning depth, and scanning frequency. These elements will decide the price of the domain you are adding.

  1. Scanning depth can be either 500 URLs, 5000 URLs, or 15000 URLs. The deciding factor here is the size of your website. If you are in doubt about how many URLs your site has then you can do a Google search for and it should give a result. See the example below.

  2. Scanning frequency is how often we should scan your site for cookies. This can be every day, every 7th day, or every 30th day.

Searching for domain size in google

Editing a domain

This is the view you get when clicking on "Edit" for one of your domains inside the Consent Solution. From this view, you are only able to change the default language, scanning depth, or scanning frequency. Changing the last two factors will affect your billing.

Changing a domain

If you want to change the type of domain (public domain, internal test, or public test) you will have to remove the domain and re-add it with the correct type.

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