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Platform FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the platform, consent solutions and cookie settings.

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Why is the consent pop-up not appearing on my domain?

1. The consent pop-up script is not inserted correctly into the source code on your website. Please go through the step of our guide by clicking here.

2. Language set in data culture does not exist for a specific domain. Correct the script to include the valid language code or add the language you have chosen in the Cookie Information Platform to ensure that the issue is not repeated.

3. It can take some time for language-specific templates to be generated and delivered through the CDN. This scenario could result in banners not showing up even for the default language. The queuing should not take more than one hour. In case of a more prolonged outage, please get in touch with us through chat or

4. Make sure not to use ​async​ or ​defer​ attributes when adding the consent pop-up script. To ensure that cookies are blocked before consent is given, the script must load first. ​Async​ or ​defer​ attributes delay the loading of the script. More details are available at

5. Some CMS systems have plugins that compress javascript-file on websites which can create errors. Set up an exception for our script to not get compressed.

6. Banners and widgets won't show on the website if your domains have not been added to the Cookie Information platform. Are you our customer? Please get in touch with us for assistance through the chat or at

I have shared consent, but it does not work.

Please ensure you have both domains under the same consent solution with the shared consent feature turned on in the settings. You can read more about shared consent here.

How do I remove the small icon in the corner?

You can remove the re-open button in the advanced settings of the pop-up menu within the platform. Change the following code from 'block' to 'none'. = 'block';

If I have made changes, is there a way to make all visitors consent again the next time they visit my site?

Yes, by using the "push for consent" feature. To push for consent, please navigate to the specific consent solution, go to the settings tab and click push for consent.

I just added a new cookie. When will it appear on the pop-up?

New cookies are found and automatically displayed on your pop-up after the new scan takes place. When the new scan takes place depends on your last scanning date and scanning frequency.

Why do I only see the necessary category in the pop-up?

There might be a few reasons for that:

· Your website was not yet scanned;

· Your website does not use any cookies;

· You are testing our solution on a test domain.

My domain already exists.

Reach out through the chat or at

When was my domain last scanned?

You can find this information in the compliance dashboard and on your cookie policy ("About cookies" on the Pop-up) under the "Cookie declaration last updated on".

How do I get the advanced compliance dashboard?

Reach out through the chat or at

Can you classify the unclassified cookies for me?

Reach out through the chat or at We continuously work on classifying third-party cookies when we have resources.

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