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How to update your IAB Consent & Transparency Framework template (IAB TCF 2.2)
How to update your IAB Consent & Transparency Framework template (IAB TCF 2.2)

This article explains how to update to the latest version of the IAB TCF template.

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Updating to the latest version (2.2) requires three steps:

  • Changing the template in our platform

  • Adding a new attribute to our pop-up script

  • Pushing users for new consent

Changing the template

In the platform, you will need to go into the consent solution and to the "Pop up Appearance" tab on the left-side menu. Under the "Change Template" section, you will need to choose "IAB TCF 2.2 with Google Providers".

Adding the new attribute to our pop-up script

In addition to the 2.0 attribute, 'data-tcf-v2-enabled="true"', 'data-tcf-version="2.2"' will also need to be added to the implementation script. It should look like the following:

<script id="CookieConsent" type="text/javascript" src="" data-culture="EN" data-tcf-v2-enabled="true" data-tcf-version="2.2"> </script>

Make sure to change the data-culture attribute to the specific language that you use for your pop-up. You can find all the language codes and information you may need here in this handy guide.

Pushing for consent

When switching from version 2.0 to 2.2, you should ensure that consent is reset, thereby complying with policies and refreshing the implementation on the website.

You are able to do so by pushing for consent. You can find this in your specific consent solution and in the "Settings" tab. This will ask all users for their consent again.

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