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Google Consent Mode v2
Google's EU user consent policy
Google's EU user consent policy
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Read our blog post about Google's enforcement of consent requirement here.

Starting May 1, 2024,* Google will begin auditing websites and apps to ensure compliance with Google's EU User Consent Policy. If an audit fails, you are at risk of:

- deactivation of conversion tracking

- deactivation of remarketing lists

- suspension of your entire Google ads account

*We’ve not been able to get official confirmation on the timeline from Google. However, several industry stakeholders have received an email from Google confirming the timeline.

In essence, you need to ensure that all your websites and apps are added to the Cookie Information Platform following the Google EU Consent Policy. The simplest way to follow the policy is to enable Google Consent Mode v2 via the CMP.


  1. Ensure that all of your domains are added to the Cookie Information Platform.

  2. Ensure that Google Consent Mode is enabled for all domains

    1. See the guide for implementing via Google Tag Manager (which is the recommended approach).

    2. Use this guide to verify your implementation.

    3. If you do not wish to use Google Consent Mode, please use our third-party cookie blocking SDK.

Mobile apps:

  1. Ensure that your account with Cookie Information supports consent collection on Mobile Apps.

  2. Add your mobile app to the Cookie Information Platform by going to the Mobile Consent Solutions tab.

    1. Install the Mobile Consent SDK in your app; including Google Consent Mode for apps.

For developer docs, see Github.

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