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Subscription options and subscription changes
Subscription options and subscription changes

This article provides you with an overview of the different subscriptions available and the ways of modifying them.

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The following information applies to our clients using card payments.

If you have a special agreement, please, contact us at or use the chat function in the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

Subscription options

Our subscriptions are built on a scalable and straightforward pricing model. You can choose between the following options that also decide the final price for the subscription:

Premium or basic plan

The advanced plan helps you access the in-depth privacy risks and GDPR violations and offers an executive summary of privacy and compliance risk. See all the benefits of the advanced plan here.

The number of domains

The pricing is based on the number of public domains added to the platform.

Every subdomain in the form "" counts as a public domain since it is scanned. Therefore a subdomain is also billable.

You can add as many test domains as you wish to. These are free of charge. To see how to add different types of domains to your account, look at this article.

Scanning depth

The scanning depth reflects how many pages will be scanned on your domain. You can choose between 500 URLs, 5000 URLs, or 15000 URLs. If you select 500 URLs for a domain that contains 600 pages, our scanner will scan 500 URLs and then stop—leaving about 100 pages unscanned.

If you are unsure how many URLs your site has, you can do a Google search for

Scanning frequency

This selection determines how often we should scan your site for cookies. Here, you can choose between scanning every day, every week, or every month. We recommend a weekly scanning of a domain.

You can decide to pay for your subscription either on a monthly or an annual basis.

To see our current pricing, click here.

If you need help with creating a subscription or choosing the right one, feel free to contact our support team at or look at our guide on "How to create a subscription".

Subscription changes

I want to add a new domain or a product to my subscription.

You can always add new domains or products to your subscription.

To add a new domain, log in to the platform. Either navigate to an already existing consent solution and click on "Add new domain," or create a new consent solution for this domain.

If you would like to add the compliance dashboard to your subscription, please contact us at

I want to remove a domain or a product from my subscription.

If you want to remove a domain from your subscription, please log in to our platform, open the specific consent solution and remove the domain by using the "delete" button. The pricing will adjust automatically.

If you would like to remove the compliance dashboard from your subscription, please contact us at

I want to cancel my subscription.

To cancel your subscription, please contact us using the chat function or write us an email at

Please, remember that you may cancel your subscription with one month's notice if not stated otherwise in your contract.

If you have any more questions, use the chat or write to our support team at

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